Updated on 2023-02-17 GMT+08:00


In traditional backup and restore solutions, data needs to be first written to storage devices (like tapes) and then transported to a data center. In this process, data security and integrity are subject to many factors, such as hardware performance and personnel. In addition, data center deployment and maintenance result in complex management and high costs.

Cloud storage is easy-to-use, secure, efficient, and cost-effective, making it an attractive substitute for traditional storage devices such as tapes. OBS is such a cloud storage service that is scalable and stores a massive amount of data. The service and storage nodes of OBS are deployed in distributed clusters, greatly improving its scalability. Data redundancy and consistency check make data stored on OBS secure and reliable. With OBS, you pay for what you use so that costs are easy to estimate.

Third-party backup software, such as Commvault and AnyBackup Cloud, can be connected to OBS for data backup. With such backup software, you can customize backup policies for secure and efficient backups.