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Application Orchestration Service

Application Orchestration Service (AOS) enables enterprises to automate application cloudification. By orchestrating mainstream cloud services of HUAWEI CLOUD, you can create, replicate, and migrate your applications and provision required cloud resources with a few clicks.

Progressive Knowledge

AOS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Learn about the features and application scenarios of AOS to see how it suits your services.

Service Overview


See our demonstration on how to quickly deploy the Magento e-commerce website using AOS and container technologies.

Using AOS to Quickly Deploy the Magento


Use open, diverse APIs and calling samples to access and manage AOS resources such as templates and stacks.

API Reference


Explore the multiple methods in compiling templates and creating stacks, through which you create and subscribe to diverse cloud resources in a unified and efficient manner.

Using a Public Template to Create a Stack

Writing a Template to Create an ECS

Be a Power User

Experience how simple it is to migrate applications to the cloud using AOS. You compile application templates and create stacks from them, and then everything is done. Application lifecycle management, such as editing and deleting, is also supported and easy-to-use.

Stack Management

Template Introduction