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Instructions for Associating with a HUAWEI CLOUD Partner

Dear customers, please read the following instructions carefully before associating with a HUAWEI CLOUD Partner (also called a "Partner"). Otherwise, HUAWEI CLOUD and its associated companies are exempt from liabilities.

Main Body

  1. After you successfully associate with a partner account, the partner will provide you with services such as contract signing, account top-up, invoice issuing, and technical support. (The existing cash coupons in your original account are still kept.) HUAWEI CLOUD shall not be liable to you except for providing standard services in accordance with the HUAWEI CLOUD User Agreement and related service statements.
  2. Any dispute arising between you and the Partner shall be resolved according to the agreement entered into between you and the Partner.
  3. You agree that upon connection, HUAWEI CLOUD will provide your contact information to the Partner for communication between the Partner and you.
  4. Before terminating the connection, please make sure that you and the Partner have reached an agreement on account settlement.
  5. To terminate the connection, you shall obtain the consent from the Partner.