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Instructions for Associating with a HUAWEI CLOUD Partner

Dear customers, please read the following instructions carefully before associating with a HUAWEI CLOUD Partner (also called a "Service Provider"). Otherwise, HUAWEI CLOUD and its associated companies are exempt from liabilities.

Main Body

  1. You shall comply with the service rules and customer obligations stipulated by HUAWEI CLOUD for related products.
  2. After you successfully associate with a Service Provider account, HUAWEI CLOUD is no longer the direct signing party for you. HUAWEI CLOUD shall not assume any other responsibilities except the standard services specified in the membership registration agreement and the product service agreement.
  3. You shall not apply to HUAWEI CLOUD directly for invoices, contracts, top-ups, and repayment. You shall obtain the services from your Service Provider instead.
  4. If you encounter any problems while using the products and services, you shall contact your Service Provider for assistance.
  5. Any disputes with your Service Provider shall be handled according to the terms of the sales or service agreement that you signed directly with your Service Provider.
  6. If you want to terminate your service agreement with your Service Provider, you must reach an agreement with your Service Provider regarding the account settlement.
  7. To improve the quality of the services provided for you, HUAWEI CLOUD may share your registration information, including your contact and other information, with your Service Provider or with other HUAWEI CLOUD partners when necessary.
  8. If you need to disassociate from your partner, you need to obtain the consent of your partner.