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FunctionGraph hosts and computes functions in a serverless context. It automatically scales to suit fluctuations in resource demands during peaks and spikes while requiring no reservation of dedicated servers or capacities.

Progressive Knowledge

FunctionGraph knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


FunctionGraph hosts and computes functions in a serverless context.

Service Overview


Learn how to create a FunctionGraph function for the first time.

Creating a Function


Learn how to create functions and implement different functions based on different triggers.



You can use APIs to perform operations, such as creating a function and modifying function code on FunctionGraph.

API Reference


FunctionGraph adopts the pay-per-use billing mode and requires no minimum charges. The price is calculated based on the number of requests and execution duration.

Billing Mode and Price Details

Be a Power User

Learn how to write service function code and set running conditions based on an actual service scenario. When the running conditions are met, a function is triggered.


Building and Triggering a Function