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ServiceStage is an application management and O&M platform that lets you deploy, roll out, monitor, and maintain applications all in one place. Java, Go, PHP, Node.js, Docker, and Tomcat are supported. Web applications, microservice applications such as Apache ServiceComb, Spring Cloud, Dubbo, and service mesh, and common applications make it easier to migrate enterprise applications to the cloud.

Progressive Knowledge

ServiceStage knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


ECS application scenarios and types are provided to help you quickly select your desired type to match services. This facilitates rapid service migration to HUAWEI CLOUD.

Service Overview

Developer Guide

ServiceStage provides a one-stop management platform for microservice solutions. Using microservice engines, you can focus on service development and improve product delivery efficiency and quality.

Microservice Development Guide

Initializing Data Disks

Best Practices

ECSs support the deployment of websites and applications to meet your service requirements.
Web Deployment

Best Practices


Several ECS APIs and calling examples help you manage ECSs, disks, images, snapshots, network, and security groups.

API Reference

Getting Started

This example describes how to quickly create a microservice application based on the ServiceComb (SpringMVC) framework to experience the functions of the new ServiceStage application model.

Getting Started

Quick Config

Custom Config

Be a Power User

You can modify ECS specifications, change ECS OSs, configure security group rules, and adjust quotas based on service requirements. Additionally, you can view monitoring metrics and audit logs in real time to determine ECS health statuses.

Permissions Management

Application Management

Application O&M

Software Center


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