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Updated on 2023-07-14 GMT+08:00

Getting Started with Common Practices

You can use the common practices provided by ServiceStage to meet your service requirements.

Table 1 Common practices



Quick Experience

This practice describes how to quickly create a microservice application based on the ServiceComb (SpringMVC) framework to experience the ServiceStage functions.

Enabling Security Authentication for an Exclusive Microservice Engine

The exclusive microservice engine supports security authentication based on the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policy and allows you to enable or disable security authentication. After security authentication is enabled for an engine, the security authentication account and password must be configured for all microservices connected to the engine. Otherwise, the microservice fails to be registered, causing service loss.

This practice describes how to enable security authentication for an exclusive microservice engine and ensure that services of microservice components connected to the engine are not affected.

Connecting Microservice Engine Dashboard Data to AOM through ServiceStage

The real-time monitoring data of a Java chassis application deployed on the microservice engine dashboard is retained for 5 minutes by default. To permanently store historical monitoring data for subsequent query and analysis, use the custom metric monitoring function of ServiceStage to connect the microservice data displayed on the microservice engine dashboard to AOM.

This practice uses the application deployed using a software package as an example to describe how to complete the connection.

Migrating the Registered Microservice Engine Using ServiceStage Without Code Modification

This practice describes how to migrate the microservice application components that are developed using the Java chassis microservice framework and registered with the professional microservice engine to the exclusive microservice engine without any code modification.