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Solution Description

Updated at: Sep 26, 2021 GMT+08:00

The NetEco edge data center management solution provides multiple functions, such as GIS map positioning, device environment monitoring, video viewing, and alarm push, to improve remote O&M efficiency and reduce O&M costs.

  • Simplified architecture: No network management system (NMS) server is required. Access devices cooperate with cloud unified controller, simplifying O&M.
  • Centralized management: An NMS can manage and monitor multiple data centers on the entire network in a centralized manner. Based on the online map, the NMS monitors the running status of the entire network in real time and clearly displays the locations of abnormal sites.
  • Cloud-based troubleshooting: You can view network-wide abnormal alarms and drill to nodes layer by layer to easily locate fault causes.
  • Mobile O&M: O&M using a mobile app enables you to learn about the network running status anytime and anywhere.

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