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Koo Command Line Interface

Koo Command Line Interface (KooCLI) is a command line tool for managing Huawei Cloud service APIs released on API Explorer. With this tool, you can call open APIs of cloud services to manage and use your cloud resources.

Progressive Knowledge

KooCLI knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Learn about the application scenarios and concepts of KooCLI so that you can accurately build commands for managing your cloud resources.

Service Overview


After installing KooCLI, register a HUAWEI ID, obtain an access key, and initialize configurations. Then you can view and run cloud service operation commands.

General Process

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KooCLI is embedded in API Explorer. You can experience it on any browser except Internet Explorer.

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When you use KooCLI to manage and use your cloud service resources, the CLI obtains your identity information for authentication.

Authentication Parameters


KooCLI is installation-free and can be used right after download and decompression. It can work with Windows 64-bit, Linux AMD64, Linux Arm64, macOS AMD64, and macOS Arm64. Download the corresponding version based on the OS you use.






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