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Updated on 2023-10-12 GMT+08:00

Billing Overview

In this document, you will learn about how FunctionGraph is billed, what free tier you are entitled to, how you can view bills, and what happens if your account goes into arrears.

  • Billing Modes

    FunctionGraph uses the pay-per-use billing mode and requires no minimum charges. Total price = Price for requests + Price for execution duration + Others.

  • Billing Items

    You will be billed for requests, execution duration, and others. For details about the billing factors and formulas for each billing item, see Billing Items.

  • Free Tier

    FunctionGraph offers a free tier every month, which you can share with your IAM users. For details, see Free Tier.

  • Viewing Bills

    You can choose Billing Center > Billing to check the FunctionGraph transactions and bills. For details, see Bills.

  • Arrears

    Your account goes into arrears if the balance is less than the bill to be settled. If you want to continue using your FunctionGraph resources, top up your account in a timely manner. For details, see Arrears.

  • Stopping Billing

    If you no longer need to use your FunctionGraph and related resources, you can unsubscribe from or delete them to stop the billing. For details, see Billing Termination.