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Updated on 2024-03-04 GMT+08:00

How Is Image Processing Billed?

To learn the pricing details of image processing, see OBS Pricing Details.

Billing Factors

  • Size of the original image, in GB

    The feature will be charged at a fixed unit price based on the number of service months.

If more than one image is processed, the total size of these images will be automatically calculated. For example, if an image of 0.01 GB is cropped and compressed into 0.005 GB, the image size is still regarded as 0.01 GB by OBS.

Billing Formulas

The following formulas apply to Standard storage and Infrequent Access storage. Archive or Deep Archive storage is not considered. For details, see Table 1.

  • 0–10 TB (inclusive): free
  • More than 10 TB: Cost = Unit price per GB/month × Image size × Number of months
Table 1 Billing criteria of image processing


Unit Price for Standard Storage (Monthly)

Unit Price for Infrequent Access Storage (Monthly)

Unit Price for Archive Storage (Monthly)

Unit Price for Deep Archive Storage (Monthly)

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