Updated on 2022-09-22 GMT+08:00

What Is Image Processing?


Integrated in Object Storage Service (OBS), the image processing feature provides stable, secure, efficient, and low-cost image processing services. By using this feature, you can slim (downsize), crop, compress, and watermark images, as well as convert the formats of images.

This feature leverages OBS Console and REST APIs. You can process images stored in OBS in various ways anytime and anywhere, and obtain the processed images right away.


You can upload your pictures to OBS for storage using OBS Console, OBS clients, REST APIs or third-party clients. Before downloading and using an image, you can create an image style or input image processing parameters to process it, such as cropping and compressing. You can obtain the new URL of that image after processing it with styles or parameters. The processed image can be delivered to Content Delivery Network (CDN) for acceleration as required. You can directly download the image from CDN when needed. Figure 1 illustrates the architecture of the image processing function.

Figure 1 Image processing architecture

The processed images are directly returned to the browser for display. They are not stored in OBS, so no storage space is required, without storage fees incurred.

Image processing is currently free of charge.