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Updated at: Mar 10, 2021 GMT+08:00

In traditional backup and restoration solutions, backup data needs to be written to storage devices such as tapes and then transported to a data center. In this process, data security and integrity are subject to many factors, such as hardware performance and persons. In addition, data center deployment and maintenance pose problems such as complex management and high costs.

Cloud storage is easy-to-use, secure, efficient, and cost-effective, making it an attractive substitute for traditional storage devices such as tapes. OBS is a cloud storage service that provides massive and scalable storage services. All OBS services and storage nodes work in distributed cluster mode to improve OBS scalability. Data redundancy and consistency check functions improve the security and reliability of data stored on OBS. Owing to OBS's pay-per-use billing mode, your cost on OBS is easy to estimate.

Backup software, such as Commvault and AnyBackup Cloud, can be connected to OBS for data backup. With such backup software, you can customize backup policies based on your requirements to achieve secure and efficient backup.

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