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Updated on 2024-04-01 GMT+08:00

Why Am I Unable to Create a Bucket?

  • If the number of buckets created has reached 100 (the maximum number allowed), delete some unneeded buckets and try again.
  • If the new bucket name already exists, use another one and try again. Each OBS bucket name must be globally unique. Specifically, it must be different from that of buckets created by its owner or by any other users (including those under other Huawei Cloud accounts).
  • The name of a deleted bucket cannot be reused immediately after the deletion. It can be reused for a bucket or a parallel file system at least 30 minutes later after the deletion.
  • If message "A conflicting operation is being performed on this resource. Try again later." is displayed when you are creating a bucket, it is because that there is a bucket with the same name as the bucket you are creating in OBS and the existing bucket has been released due to arrears in a short period. In such case, try another bucket name.
  • Check whether the account has required permissions. If the account does not have the permissions, grant them.
    1. Log in to the management console.
    2. On the top navigation menu, click the username and select Identity and Access Management to log in to the IAM console and verify the permissions of the user.
      1. On the Users page, search for the username.
      2. Click the username to view details for that user, and check the user groups where the user belongs. If the user is not a member of any user group, click Modify and select a user group.
      3. In the navigation pane, click User Groups and find the user group to which the user belongs. Click the icon of the downward arrow next to the user group name to view user group permissions. Find OBS under the Project Name column and click View under the Operation column, to check whether the user group has the permission required to create buckets. If not, create a user group, configure a policy that grants the user group the bucket creation permission, and add the user to this group.
  • Check whether the account is in arrears or the account balance is insufficient. If this is the case, pay off the outstanding balance or top up the account.
    1. Log in to OBS Console.
    2. On the top navigation menu, click Billing & Costs to go to Billing Center.
    3. On the Overview page, you can view the balance of the account.
    4. If your account is in arrears, top it up by referring to Renewal Management.
    5. If your object upload still fails after the account is brought current, contact customer service.
  • Check whether the network connectivity between the local computer and OBS is normal. If the network is faulty, restore the network connection.
  • If one of the above are the cause, check the returned error code to further locate the fault.

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