Updated on 2023-07-14 GMT+08:00

Deleting Buckets


You can delete unwanted buckets to free up the quota of buckets. Make sure that a bucket is emptied before you delete it.

An empty bucket must meet the following requirements:

  • There is no object or any historical version of an object in the bucket.
  • There is not any incomplete multipart upload in the bucket. In other words, there are no fragments in the bucket.
    • If versioning is enabled for the bucket, ensure that all historical versions and versions with the Delete Marker (which are also considered as historical versions) have been deleted.
    • The name of a deleted bucket can be reused at least 30 minutes after the deletion.

How to Use

You can use OBS Console, SDKs, OBS Browser+, obsutil, or APIs to delete buckets.



OBS Console

Deleting a Bucket


OBS supports software development kits (SDKs) in multiple languages. For details, see the corresponding developer guide on the SDK Overview page.


Deleting Buckets

OBS Browser+

Deleting a Bucket


Deleting a Bucket

Causes of Bucket Deletion Failures and Solutions

For details, see Why Can't I Delete a Bucket?