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Updated on 2024-02-22 GMT+08:00

Can I Move a File Between Buckets?


You can move a single file or folder from one path to another in the same region through OBS tools (OBS Browser+ and obsutil). After the move, the file or folder in the source path will be deleted.

In addition, you can use OMS to migrate data between OBS buckets across accounts, across regions, or in the same region. For details, see Using OMS to Migrate Data Between Buckets.

OBS tools cannot move files between parallel file systems in different clusters.

Moving data through OBS Browser+:

  1. Locate the row of the file you want to move and choose the more icon > Move in the Operation column.

  2. Go to the target path in the same region and click Paste above the object list. In the dialog box, confirm the information about the moved file and finish the move.

Moving data through obsutil:

For details, see Moving an Object.

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