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Scenario Introduction

An enterprise runs basic services on Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs), but storage capacity of hard disks becomes insufficient for storing a large number of images and videos. After learning that HUAWEI CLOUD provides OBS, an elastic cloud storage service for massive amounts of data, the enterprise determined to use OBS as the data storage resource pool to reduce the burden on local servers.

From ECSs, you can access OBS over the internet or HUAWEI CLOUD intranet. However, for access over the internet, the network response speed is subject to the network conditions, and you need to pay for data access over the internet. To maximize performance and reduce costs, enterprise administrators want to access OBS over the intranet.

When accessing OBS over the intranet, ensure that the OBS resources to be accessed are in the region where the ECS resides. If the OBS resources reside in a different region, access is supported only over the Internet.


Configure intranet DNS on the established ECS. The intranet DNS resolves the OBS domain name so that the ECS can access OBS through the intranet. Figure 1 shows the access process.

Figure 1 Accessing OBS over intranet

Table 1 describes the services in the figure.

Table 1 Service description



Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

VPC enables users to create an isolated virtual network environment defined and managed by themselves, improving security of resources in the cloud and simplifying network deployment.

A subnet is a network that provides IP address management and DNS services for the ECS in a VPC. IP addresses of an ECS must be in the same subnet of the ECS.

Domain Name Service (DNS)

Intranet DNS is provided for resolving intranet domain names and OBS domain names. This simplifies the domain name resolution process and reduces costs on data transfer over the internet.

When accessing OBS through the intranet from your ECSs, you can read, back up, and archive data without affecting the internet bandwidth.

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