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Accessing and Using DCS

Updated at: Aug 17, 2021 GMT+08:00

Accessing DCS

You can access DCS from the web-based management console or by using RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs) through HTTPS requests.

  • Using the management console

    Log in to the management console and choose Distributed Cache Service from the service list.

    For details on how to use the DCS console, see chapters from Buying a DCS Instance to Managing Passwords.

    DCS monitoring data is recorded by Cloud Eye. To view the monitoring metrics or configure alarm rules, go to the Cloud Eye console. For details, see Viewing Metrics.

    If you have enabled Cloud Trace Service (CTS), DCS instance operations are recorded by CTS. You can view the operations history on the CTS console. For details, see Viewing Traces on the CTS Console.

  • Using APIs

    DCS provides RESTful APIs for you to integrate DCS into your own application system. For details about DCS APIs and API calling, see the Distributed Cache Service API Reference.

    1. All available functions can be used on the console. Some functions can also be used through APIs. For more information on how to use functions through APIs, see the Distributed Cache Service API Reference.
    2. For details about APIs for monitoring and auditing, see the Cloud Eye and Cloud Trace Service documentation.

Using DCS

After purchasing a DCS instance, access it by referring to Accessing a DCS Redis Instance. Any client that is compatible with the open-source Redis or Memcached protocol can respectively access a DCS Redis or Memcached instance. After accessing a DCS instance, you can enjoy the fast read/write operations enabled by DCS.

DCS does not involve sensitive user information. Which, why, when, and how data is processed by DCS must comply with local laws and regulations. If sensitive data needs to be transmitted or stored, encrypt data before transmission or storage.

For details on how to access a DCS instance, see Figure 1.

Figure 1 Accessing a DCS instance
  • Currently, a DCS instance can be accessed over an internal network through an ECS that is in the same VPC as the DCS instance.
  • If public access is enabled, a DCS Redis instance can be accessed through an elastic IP address (EIP) over a public network.

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