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Storage Disaster Recovery Service

SDRS provides DR services for many cloud services, such as ECS, DSS, and EVS. SDRS uses multiple technologies, such as storage replication, data redundancy, and cache acceleration, to provide high data reliability and service continuity for users.

Progressive Knowledge

ECS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Learn the product highlights, application scenarios, restrictions, and basic concepts of SDRS.

Service Overview


Help you get started with SDRS, such as creating protection groups and protected instances and enabling protection.

Getting Started


Access and manage SDRS resources such as protection groups, protected instances, and replication pairs using open, diverse APIs and calling samples.

API Reference


Learn the SDRS billing mode and pricing details. You can purchase resources in pay-per-use billing mode, or purchase a resource package as required.


Be a Power User

Perform service operations as needed, such as disabling protection, performing a planned failover or failover, modifying specifications of a protected instance, or expanding capacity of a replication pair.

Protection Groups

Protected Instances

Replication Pairs