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Cloud Trace Service

Cloud Trace Service (CTS) records operations on cloud resources in your account. You can use these records to perform security analyses, track resource changes, audit compliance, and locate faults. You can view the records for the last 7 days on the console and also transfer them to OBS buckets for long-term storage.

Progressive Knowledge

CTS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


CTS application scenarios and advantages are provided to help you accurately find functions that are available for services.

Service Overview

Be a Power User

After Cloud Trace Service (CTS) is enabled, the tracker starts recording operations on cloud resources and data in Object Storage Service (OBS) buckets. CTS stores operation records for the last seven days.

User Guide


You can quickly get familiar with the CTS usage process through CTS Interactive Walkthroughs.

Getting Started


CTS provides open APIs and samples, so that you can easily create, query and delete trackers.

API Reference