Updated on 2024-04-11 GMT+08:00


MRS billing is simple and predictable. MapReduce Service (MRS) billing is simple and predictable and supports a pay-per-use basis. You can also select a yearly or monthly package depending on what is more economical. The total price of an MRS cluster will be automatically calculated so that you can purchase a cluster in few clicks.

Billing Items

The price of an MRS cluster consists of two parts:

  • MRS management fee
    You can view detailed MRS management fee by logging in to the Billing Center, choosing Billing > Bills, and filtering management fees.
    Figure 1 Viewing MRS management fee
    • If Cluster Type is LTS, filter management fees by MRS-LTS Service Fee.
    • If Cluster Type is Normal, filter management fees by:
      • MapReduce Service VM for clusters purchased in June 2022 or earlier
      • MRS-BASIC Service Fee for clusters purchased after June 2022
  • Fees of IaaS infrastructure resources, including Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Elastic Volume Service (EVS), elastic IP (EIP), and bandwidth

For details about the MRS management fee, see Product Pricing Details.

You can use the price calculator of MRS to quickly obtain an estimate price of a cluster with the specifications you select.

The terminated or unsubscribed MRS cluster is no longer billed.

Billing Modes

Before using MRS, you must purchase an MRS cluster.

  • Yearly/Monthly: You can pay for clusters by year or month. The minimum duration is 1 month and the maximum duration is 1 year.
  • Pay-per-use: Nodes are billed by actual duration of use, with a billing cycle of one hour.

Changing Billing Mode

Before subscribing to MRS, choose Master and Core node instances that best fit your needs. MRS provides the following methods for you to change cluster configuration after a cluster is started.

If the configuration change methods provided by MRS do not meet your requirements, you can create a cluster again and migrate data to the cluster to realize cluster configuration change.


To renew the subscription, go to the Renewals page.

Overdue Payment

Overdue payment does not apply to yearly or monthly subscribed clusters.

In pay-per-use mode, cluster fees are deducted every hour. If your account balance is insufficient to pay for the expense occurred in the last hour, your account will be in arrears, and MRS clusters have a retention period. If the clusters are renewed within the retention period, they will be available and charged from the original expiration date.

You are advised to renew the cluster as soon as possible if your cluster is in arrears. Otherwise, the following operations are restricted:
  • Creating Clusters
  • Scaling out a cluster
  • Scaling in a cluster
  • Adding a Task node
  • Scaling up Master node specifications


  • Expiration does not apply to pay-per-use clusters.
  • If your yearly or monthly subscription expires, the cluster will enter into a retention period. During the grace period and retention period, you cannot perform operations on the cluster on the MRS management console, related APIs cannot be called, and O&M operations such as automatic monitoring and alarm reporting will be stopped. If your subscription is not renewed at the end of the retention period, services in the cluster will be terminated and data in the system will be deleted permanently.

Security Deposits

When you purchase a pay-per-use cluster, Huawei Cloud may freeze a prepaid balance based on the user level and historical usage. The deposit is automatically unfrozen when resources are released.