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SoftWare Repository for Container

SoftWare Repository for Container (SWR) provides easy, secure, and reliable management over container images throughout their lifecycle, facilitating the deployment of containerized applications. 

Progressive Knowledge

SWR knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Gain an idea about the features and application scenarios of SWR to see how it suits your services.

Service Overview


Explore how to write a Dockerfile with better readability and higher efficiency to build images with fewer layers and smaller sizes.

Writing a Quality Dockerfile


Use open, diverse APIs and calling samples to access and manage SWR resources such as organizations, image repositories, and images.

API Reference


Learn how to push images to SWR through a container engine client.

Getting Started

Be a Power User

Experience storing your images in an SWR private image repository and granting different permissions (read, write, and manage) to different users with the SWR fine-grained permission system. Free yourself from repetitive manual work using automatic image deployment upon image update, synchronization, retention, sharing, and favoriting.

Common Operations

Image Management

Organization Management

User Permissions