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Data Lake Insight

Data Lake Insight (DLI) is a serverless big data compute and analysis service that is fully compatible with Apache Spark and Apache Flink ecosystems and supports batch streaming. With multi-model engines, enterprises can use SQL statements or programs to easily complete batch processing, stream processing, in-memory computing, and machine learning of heterogeneous data sources.

Progressive Knowledge

DLI knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Get to know the basic functions, application scenarios, concepts, and usage restrictions of DLI.

Service Overview


Start to explore DLI after purchasing queues.

Before You Start

Quick Start


Get more info of the application scenarios and operation procedures of DLI.

Driving Behavior Data Analysis in IoV Scenarios


With DLI, you can submit SQL, Flink, and Spark jobs. Learn the pricing details of DLI jobs for the most cost-effective choice.

Price Details

Be a Power User

Find out the functions and common SQL syntax of the DLI management console. Learn how to view DLI monitoring metrics and audit logs at all times.

Management Console

SQL Syntax Reference

O&M and Monitoring

Development Skills

Prepare to interconnect with DLI using clients or third-party BI tools and analyze data through DLI datasource connections.

DLI Client Operation Guide

Connecting the Third-party BI Tool to the DLI

Developing a DLI Datasource Connection Using a Spark Job