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Identity and Access Management

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) service provides permissions management for secure access to your HUAWEI CLOUD services and resources. IAM is free of charge.

Progressive Knowledge

IAM knowledge for beginner to experts


IAM overview, functions, application scenarios, and restrictions help you better understand the service.

Service Overview


With IAM, you can control access to specific HUAWEI CLOUD resources by assigning permissions to user groups, create agencies to manage resources for other accounts, and use existing user accounts in your enterprise identity system to log in to HUAWEI CLOUD.

IAM Users

User Groups and Permissions


Account Settings

Identity Providers


The general operating procedure of IAM in typical scenarios helps you get started.

Getting Started


You can assign permissions to multiple teams in your enterprise for completing different tasks.

Best Practices


A large number of IAM APIs and calling examples help you manage your credentials, IAM users, user groups, projects, permissions, agencies, and identity providers.

API Reference


Learn more about common issues and solutions.