Updated on 2024-05-31 GMT+08:00

Development Scenarios

HUAWEI CLOUD provides customers with service scenarios such as product management, transaction management, bill management, cost management, and invoice management. Customers can build their own sales platforms based on the operation capabilities.

The following figure illustrates the specific scenarios.

Product Management

Customers can query the cloud service or resource types, query resources by cloud service type, or query usage types, measurement units, and measurement unit number system on the self-built platform.

Account Management

A customer can query its account balance. If the account balance is insufficient, the customer needs to top up the account in time.

Transaction Management

A customer can query the coupons issued by partners and the price of pay-per-use and yearly/monthly products; purchase yearly/monthly resources; view and manage orders; query the package usage; and query the resource package list and resource package usage.

Bill Management

  1. A customer can query its expenditure summary bills, which contain detailed expenditure records and can be used for reconciliation.
  2. A customer can query its resource details. The resource details have a latency (a maximum of 24 hours).
  3. A customer can query its usage details of each resource.

Enterprise Management

  1. Enterprise Project Management Service (EPS) provides a unified method to manage cloud resources and personnel by enterprise project.