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GaussDB(for MySQL)

GaussDB(for MySQL) is a MySQL-compatible, enterprise-grade distributed database. Data functions virtualization (DFV) is used to decouple storage from compute and can auto scale up to 128 TB per instance. With GaussDB(for MySQL), there is no need for sharding, and no need to worry about data loss. It provides superior performance of commercial databases at the price of open-source databases.

Progressive Knowledge

GaussDB(for MySQL) knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Advantages and benefits of GaussDB(for MySQL) are provided to help you select your desired instance and efficiently maintain your data.

Service Overview


After creating a GaussDB(for MySQL) instance, you can connect to the instance through a private or public network. After the connection, you can import and export data.

Connection Management


GaussDB(for MySQL) billing modes and configurations are available for you to select.

GaussDB(for MySQL) Instance

Be a Power User

You can migrate data, change specifications, and back up and restore data as needed. Additionally, you can view monitoring metrics and audit key operations in real time to determine the GaussDB(for MySQL) health status.

Data Migration

Database Connection

Instance Management

Backups and Restorations