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Updated on 2023-10-19 GMT+08:00

How Is GaussDB(for MySQL) Backup Data Billed?

All the GaussDB(for MySQL) backups are stored on OBS without occupying the storage of your DB instances. GaussDB(for MySQL) provides free backup space of the same size as your purchased storage.

The lifecycle of automated backups is the same as that of the DB instance. If you delete a DB instance, its automated backups are also deleted, but manual backups will not be automatically deleted.

For example, if you purchase a DB instance with 200 GB of storage, you can get an additional 200 GB of backup space and are only charged for backups in excess of 200 GB. The first 200 GB of backup data is free. When the 200 GB storage is used up, the backups will be billed on a pay-per-use basis.

If your storage is frozen, it is no longer charged and the free backup space is also unavailable.

If your DB instance is frozen, no free backup space is available. As a result, the original automated backups of the DB instance will be charged.

  • If you unfreeze the DB instance, the free backup space will be restored.
  • If you directly delete the frozen DB instance, its automated backups will also be deleted and the backup space will not be charged any longer.

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