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Cost Center

Cost Center is a free financial management service provided by Huawei Cloud. It helps you allocate your costs, forecast your future costs and usage, detect cost anomalies to reduce unnecessary expenditures, and analyze your usage of resources to find opportunities to reduce costs.

Progressive Knowledge

Cost Center knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Cost Center offers a suite of tools for free that help you track, analyze, and explore your Huawei Cloud costs and usage.

Service Overview


There are three ways to allocate cost data in Cost Center: Organization Management, Cost Tags, and Enterprise Projects. You are advised to plan as early as possible if you determine to use any of these methods.

Performing Cost Analysis to Explore Costs and Usage

Enabling Forecasting and Creating Budgets to Track Cost and Usage

Changing Billing Modes to Optimize Costs


You need to enable Cost Center before using it.

Be a Power User

Cost Center helps you analyze, allocate, monitor, and optimize your costs on Huawei Cloud, making on-cloud financial management easier.

Cost Analysis

Cost and Usage Forecasting


Cost Anomaly Detection