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Cloud Bastion Host

Cloud Bastion Host (CBH) is a unified management platform for account, authentication, authorization and audit (4A) management. It provides you with O&M management services that integrate single sign-on (SSO), centralized asset management, multi-terminal access protocols, file transfer, and O&M session collaboration.

Progressive Knowledge

CBH knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


CBH functions, application scenarios, and advantages are provided to help you quickly get started with CBH and implement 4A management during O&M.

Service Overview


After your first login as user admin, you need to create users, add resources to the system, and configure access control policies. The users you create then can operate the resources and manage the CBH system within the permissions you grant them.

Logging in to the CBH System

Initial Configurations

Configuring Login Authentication


You can expand a CBH instance capacity by upgrading its edition to meet your business needs.

Expanding a CBH Instance Edition


Each CBH instance maps to an independently running CBH system. You can log in to a CBH system for secure, centralized O&M of cloud resources only after you purchase a CBH instance.


Quick Purchase


Be a Power User

Role-based permissions are granted to users. Common O&M users can perform many types of O&M operations on a variety of managed resources. Administrators can plan, control, and audit common O&M processes of common users.

Resource O&M

System Management

Policies and Tickets

Audit Management