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Graph Engine Service

Graph Engine Service (GES) facilitates querying and analysis of graph-structure data based on various relationships. It is specifically suited for scenarios requiring analysis of rich relationship data, including social relationship analysis, recommendations, precision marketing, public opinions and social listening, information communication, and anti-fraud.

Progressive Knowledge

ECS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Learn about the basic functions, application scenarios, concepts, and restrictions of GES to see how it suits your services.

Service Overview


Log in to the GES management console and start your journey.

Quick Start


Several ECS APIs and calling examples help you manage ECSs, disks, images, snapshots, network, and security groups.

API Reference


GES billing is simple and controllable. You can either choose the pay-per-use mode (hourly) or the prepaid instance mode (monthly/yearly), which is more economic.

Billing Mode

Be a Power User

Learn about the detailed functions of the GES management console and GES editor, and view monitoring metrics in real time to determine GES health status.

Management Console

Graph Editor

O&M and Monitoring