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DMS for RocketMQ

Distributed Message Service (DMS) for RocketMQ is message-oriented middleware that delivers low latency, high flexibility, high throughput, dynamic expansion, easy management, and abundant messaging functions.

Progressive Knowledge

DMS for RocketMQ knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


DMS for RocketMQ overview and application scenarios are provided to help you quickly select a RocketMQ instance that matches your services.

Service Overview


After creating a RocketMQ instance, you can access the instance by using open-source RocketMQ clients to send and receive messages.

Sending and Receiving Messages


You can migrate RocketMQ services from other vendors or your self-built RocketMQ to HUAWEI CLOUD DMS for RocketMQ.



You can buy RocketMQ instances of the desired specifications by using the web console.

Billing Mode

Be a Power User

You can expand the storage space and increase the number of brokers, and modify the security group for your instance as required. You can also view monitoring data and audit logs in real time to keep track of the running status of your RocketMQ instance brokers, topics, and consumer groups.

Common Operations

Resource Management