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Cloud Backup and Recovery

Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) lets you back up cloud servers, disks, and on-premises VMware VMs. In case of a virus intrusion, accidental deletion, or software/hardware fault, data can be restored to any backup point.

Progressive Knowledge

Learn about CBR in different scenarios.


CBR basic concepts and application scenarios are provided to help you quickly get started with CBR and so protect your important data.

Service Overview

Basic Concepts


A wealth of CBR APIs and calling examples help you back up cloud servers or disks.

API Reference


CBR billing modes and price details are available for you to select the most suitable purchase mode.

Billing Description

Server/Disk/SFS Turbo Backup

CBR backs up for elastic cloud servers, bare metal servers, and cloud disks. Before creating a backup, you need to create at least one vault and associate the server or disk to be backed up with the vault.

Preparing the Backup Environment


Data Restoration

Application-Consistent Backup

CBR supports crash-consistent backup and application-consistent backup. During an application-consistent backup, files and disks on the same cloud server are backed up at the exact same point in time, and databases are quiesced and memory data is refreshed to ensure application consistency.

Preparing the Backup Environment


Backup Using Scripts


Learn more about common issues and solutions.