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SecMaster is a next-generation Huawei cloud native security operation center. It integrates years of security experience of Huawei Cloud and provides capabilities such as cloud asset management, security posture management, security information and event management, and security orchestration and response, helping you implement integrated and automatic security operation management.

Progressive Knowledge

SecMaster knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Understanding the functions, working principles, and application scenarios of SecMaster will help you quickly get familiar with SecMaster and accurately learn your global security posture.

Service Overview


To visualize your global security posture, you need to configure Data Integration to aggregate your security data. In addition, you can use the asset management function to view your asset status.

Data Integration

Asset Management


You can buy the SecMaster professional edition with the functions of large screen, intelligent analysis, and security response to evaluate your global threat risks and display your asset security status.

Service Specification

Quick Config

Be a Power User

SecMaster detects security risks on the cloud, making it easier for you to learn how an attack occurs and predict attack trends. You can query or view events and get suggestions before, when, and after a threat is detected.


Security Situation

Risk Prevention

Security Response

Security Orchestration