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Progressive Knowledge

CodeArts Repo

CodeArts Repo incorporates Huawei's experience in managing hundreds of billions of codes. CodeArts Repo is a code hosting service that allows you to commit, push, pull, merge, clone, compare, and review code online, as well as create branches.

Progressive Knowledge

CodeArts Repo knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


CodeArts Repo is a Git-based code hosting service for software developers. It provides cloud code repositories with functions such as security control, member/permission management, branch protection/merging, online editing, and reports, to address challenges from cross-region collaboration, multi-branch concurrency, code version management, and security.

Service Overview

Be a Power User

You can encrypt code transmission and storage, manage the IP address whitelist by region, well scope permissions, use cloud storage, and achieve 24/7 high reliability by centralized disaster recovery.

Basic Configurations

Branch Management


Get started with CodeArts Repo after simple configurations.

Getting Started


With CodeArts Repo, you can better use Git no matter you are a Git beginner or expert.

Best Practices