Updated on 2023-12-04 GMT+08:00

Use Cases

Remote Collaborative Development

  • Targets: small- and medium-sized enterprises, and incubators
  • Requirements and challenges: Software developers call for higher development efficiency and agility. To respond, more efficient collaboration management is required. Enterprises also expect lower development costs. However, inefficient development collaboration and frequent merge conflicts are two significant hinders.
  • Benefits: Cloud-based code hosting makes collaborative development easier. Multi-branch management and merge requests are effective solutions to merge conflicts.

University Education

  • Targets: university teachers and students
  • Requirements and challenges: University teachers and students lack a comprehensive development toolchain, and struggle with time-consuming development environment setup and maintenance. Existing development tools also have a high learning threshold.
  • Benefits: CodeArts Repo provides complete code hosting services and abundant repository templates, enabling students to quickly get started.