Updated on 2023-12-11 GMT+08:00


Security Advantages of CodeArts and CodeArts Repo

CodeArts security features:

  • Access control: The unified model "tenant + user + user group + role" is used to control permissions.
  • Authentication: The Identity and Access Management (IAM) service is used. When a user accesses the code repository through HTTPS or SSH, the SSH key or repository username and password are used for access authentication.
  • Role- and permission-based authorization: Permissions vary with roles, resources, and services. Permissions can be customized.
  • Non-repudiation: The IAM token mechanism is used. All operations in CodeArts must have tokens, and all key operations must be audited and recorded. Audit logs are retained for a reasonable period for accurate tracing.
  • Data encryption: Sensitive information is encrypted before storage.
  • Communication security: Security protocols such as HTTPS and SSH are used.
  • Data integrity: Key information in CodeArts is stored in the internal database, and data is consistent through various mechanisms such as transactions.
  • Availability: All CodeArts services are deployed in clusters to ensure high availability.
  • Privacy: Privacy of accounts and users is protected.

CodeArts Repo security features:

  • Role- and permission-based authorization: A fine-granular authorization model is used for code access.
  • Non-repudiation: Complete access logs of the code repositories are provided for users to audit.
  • Data encryption: Code stored in CodeArts Repo is encrypted.

Cross-regional Collaborative Development

  • Code can be read, modified, and committed online at any time from anywhere.
  • Online branch management allows efficient concurrent development on multiple branches. You can create, change, and merge branches.
  • Git Large File Storage (LFS) can be used for large files.
  • Online code review is provided for team collaboration.

Statistical Analysis

  • Code commit statistics
  • Contributor statistics
  • Programming language statistics