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Updated on 2023-12-04 GMT+08:00

What Is CodeArts Repo?


CodeArts Repo provides software developers with Git-based online code hosting services. It is a cloud code repository that supports security control, member and permission management, branch protection and merging, online editing, and statistics. The service aims to address cross-region collaboration, multi-branch concurrency, code version management, and security issues.

  • Code can be read, modified, and committed online at any time from anywhere.
  • Online branch management allows efficient concurrent development on multiple branches. You can create, change, and merge branches.
  • Protected branches prevent pushes to the branches and prevent the branches from being incorrectly deleted.
  • The Domain-level IP address whitelist and data transmissions via HTTPS block unauthorized code downloads to secure data.
  • Passwords can be reset.

CodeArts Repo Working Mode

  • CodeArts Repo uses GitFlow as the basic working mode.
  • Following the rules suggested by GitFlow, small and medium-sized development teams can better manage their development.
    • Concurrent development: Features and patches are developed concurrently.
    • Teamwork: Developers are aware of the current work of other team members during collaboration.
    • Flexibility: Emergency fixes are developed on the hotfix branch.

  • Master branch: the most stable branch with complete features and code that can be released at any time.
  • Develop branch: a permanent branch with the latest and most complete features. It contains all the code ready for the next release and is used to merge other branches.
  • Feature branch: a branch for developing a new feature. Once the development is complete, the feature branch is merged into the develop branch for the next release after passing tests.
  • Release branch: a dedicated branch for release preparation.
  • Hotfix branch: a branch for fixing bugs in a live production version.
    • All feature branches are pulled from the develop branch.
    • All hotfix branches are pulled from the master branch.
    • All commits to the master branch must have tags to facilitate rollback.
    • Any changes that are merged to the master branch must be merged to the develop branch for synchronization.
    • The master and develop branches are the main branches and they are unique. Other types of branches can have multiple derived branches.