Updated on 2023-12-04 GMT+08:00

How Do I Upgrade TLS?


CodeArts Repo aims to provide secure, reliable, stable, and fast code hosting services, and always puts the code security first.

In 2018, CodeArts Repo announced the drop of TLSv1.0. Since January 11, 2019, TLsv1.0 is no longer supported in the following aspects:

  • TLSv1: All HTTPS web, API, and Git connections to CodeArts Repo.


  • Many clients can automatically switch to use new algorithms.
  • The few clients affected are legacy systems that are no longer maintained and continue to connect to Git or CodeArts Repo APIs using TLSv1.0.


  • If the Git Bash installed on your computer is earlier than 2.6.0, upgrade it to the latest version. The latest Git supports TLSv1.2 by default.
  • You can run the following command to check the TLS version of the local Git Bash:
    git config http.sslVersion

    If the version is TLSv1.0, run the following command to upgrade it to TLSv1.2:

    git config --global http.sslVersion tlsv1.2

Third-party Git GUIs

If you use a third-party Git client, such as Eclipse, JetBrains, SourceTree, VSCode, Tower, or TortoiseGit, you are advised to download the latest Git Bash and use the native Git instead of the built-in type in the tool.

  • Settings in IDEA

  • Settings in Eclipse

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