Updated on 2023-12-04 GMT+08:00


What Is an SSH Key and HTTPS Password?

When you push code to or pull code from CodeArts Repo repository, the repository needs to verify your identity and permissions. SSH and HTTPS are two authentication modes for remote access to CodeArts Repo.

  • SSH Keys: An SSH key is used to establish a secure connection between your local computer and CodeArts Repo under your account.

    Before connecting to CodeArts Repo in SSH mode, generate an SSH key on your computer and configure it in CodeArts Repo.

    After you configure an SSH key on a local computer and add the public key to CodeArts Repo, you can use the SSH key to access all code repositories under your account from your computer.

  • HTTPS Password: An HTTPS password is a user credential used for pulling and pushing code using the HTTPS protocol.

    The maximum size of a package that can be pushed at a time using HTTPS is 200 MB. If the size is greater than 200 MB, use the SSH mode.

    Federated users cannot be bound to email addresses and do not support the HTTPS protocol.

Either SSH or HTTPS can be used to push or pull code. Set SSH keys or HTTPS passwords as required.