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Updated on 2023-12-04 GMT+08:00

How Can I Prevent Unauthorized Code Replication?


  • Many development activities take place in the cloud.
  • Cloud can be accessed anytime, anywhere.


  • The common process of using CodeArts is as follows:
    1. Create a repository in CodeArts and maintain it as the latest version.
    2. All developers involved can download the code for local development, and push the code to the server after development and testing is completed.
    3. Pushed code is merged to the main branch after passing code reviews.
  • Potential risks:

    A version of code is stored on the local computer of each developer involved. Code leak is possible if the code is copied to other devices or uploaded to web disks without permissions.

    It is difficult to control operations on local computers.


  • Block USB ports and disable Bluetooth usage.
  • Install monitoring software to restrict uploads.
    • Monitor and prevent uploads of specific files, especially code files that are renamed, compressed, or mixed with other files.
    • Monitor and prevent uploads to specific websites, such as unknown network services, emails, and self-built servers.
    • Monitor and record all computer operations as evidences for lawsuits if code leaks happen.

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