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Resource Formation Service

Resource Formation Service (RFS) is a new final-state resource formation engine for cloud services and fully supports Terraform (HCL and Provider), a de facto standard. It is an upgrade of the Application Orchestration Service (AOS) in terms of the ecosystem, experience, and features. Based on HCL syntax template, RFS automatically builds cloud service resources in batches to help you create, manage, and upgrade cloud service resources in an efficient, secure, and consistent manner, improving resource management efficiency and reducing security risks caused by resource management changes.

Progressive Knowledge

RFS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Learn about the features and application scenarios of RFS to see how it helps you manage your cloud service resources.

Service Overview


Use open, diverse APIs and calling samples to access and manage RFS resources such as templates and stacks.

API Reference


Explore the multiple methods in creating stacks, through which you create and subscribe to diverse cloud resources in a unified and efficient manner.

Using the Visual Designer

Compiling a Template

Be a Power User

Experience how simple it is to deploy cloud service resources using RFS. You compile application templates and create stacks from them, and then everything is done. Application lifecycle management, such as editing and deletion, is also supported and easy-to-use.

Stack Management


  • Management Center