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Data Warehouse Service

Data Warehouse Service (DWS) is a real-time, simple, secure, and reliable enterprise-class converged data warehouse service. It is compatible with the standard ANSI SQL 99/2003 and PostgreSQL/Oracle ecosystems, providing state of the art PB-level big data analysis across a variety of industries.

Progressive Knowledge

DWS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


DWS architecture, functions, and application scenarios are provided to help you quickly select your desired type to match services. This facilitates easier data analysis.

Service Overview


This document demonstrates how to create a data warehouse cluster, connect to a sample database, import sample data from OBS, and query and analyze the data, helping you quickly use DWS.

Getting Started

Initializing Data Disks

Excellent Practices

During table design, data import, and query design, comprehensively consider the factors to work out a proper solution. This chapter introduces key principles with necessary examples and usage suggestions.

Excellent Practices


DWS provides several database tools to facilitate database management and data import and export.

Tool Guide


DWS provides Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs. You can make API calls over HTTPS to manage clusters and snapshots. This document details DWS APIs, parameters, examples, and calling methods.

API Reference


DWS supports two billing modes: pay-per-use (billed based on the actual duration) and yearly/monthly package (discount obtained by upfront payment).

Billing Mode

Quick Purchase

Billing FAQs


Learn more about common issues and solutions.