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Updated on 2022-09-14 GMT+08:00

What Are Partner Support Plans?

Partner support plans are support service packages designed for partners. With a partner support plan, partners can escalate their customer issues to HUAWEI CLOUD, which are usually product or technical issues closely related to the cloud platform and cannot be resolved by partners themselves. Partner support plans are classified into three levels: Basic, Standard, and Premier. The Standard and Premier partner support plans offer faster response and higher problem priority, and also provide value-added services with more business values. Partners can flexibly select the levels based on the requirements for response time and service contents.

Partners can subscribe to a partner support plan in yearly or monthly mode. Partner support plans enable HUAWEI CLOUD technical engineers to provide professional services for partners and help them create more business values. Service Scope describes the service scope of partner support plans.

Partner support plans are intended for consulting partners. For details about partner types, see HCPN Overview and Common Operations.