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You only pay for what you use. There is no minimum charge.

Billing Item

Table 1 shows GaussDB(for MySQL) billing items.

Table 1 Billing items


Billing Method

DB instance

Yearly/monthly or pay-per-use

Storage space

Yearly/monthly or pay-per-use

Backup storage

GaussDB(for MySQL) provides storage space for backing up all of your provisioned database storage at no additional charge. If the backup storage usage exceeds 100% of your provisioned database storage, the additional part will be billed based on the backup storage pricing.

Public network traffic

GaussDB(for MySQL) instances are accessible from both private and public networks, but only the traffic from public networks is billed.

Billing Modes

GaussDB(for MySQL) provides the following two billing modes:

  • Yearly/Monthly: Provides a larger discount than pay-per-use billing and is recommended for long-term use. If the storage space of a yearly/monthly instance is full, the additional space will be billed on a pay-per-use basis.
  • Pay-per-Use (hourly): allows you to pay for only the resources you actually use. Pricing is listed on a per-hour basis, but bills are calculated down to the second.

Configuration Changes

  • Modifying instance specifications: You can change vCPUs and memory of instances based on service requirements. After the modification, you are billed based on the new specifications.