Updated on 2023-10-18 GMT+08:00

Instance Statuses

Instance Statuses

The status of an instance reflects the health of the instance. You can view the instance status on the console.

Table 1 Instance statuses




The instance is available.


The instance is abnormal.


The instance is being created.

Creation failed

The instance failed to be created.


The instance is being rebooted.

Changing a DB instance name

The instance name is being changed.

Changing port

The instance port is being changed.

Changing instance specifications

The CPU and memory specifications of the instance are being changed.

Adding read replicas

Read replicas are being added to the instance.

Deleting a read replica

The read replica is being deleted from the DB instance.

Promoting to primary

A read replica is being promoted to primary.


The backup is being created.

Changing certificate settings

The certificate settings of the instance are being changed.


The instance has been deleted and will not be displayed in the instance list.