Updated on 2023-10-18 GMT+08:00

Product Benefits

GaussDB(for MySQL) is an enterprise-grade cloud database with decoupled compute and storage.


GaussDB(for MySQL) can deliver seven times the performance of open-source MySQL and achieve millions of queries per second (QPS).


  • Horizontal scaling: You can add up to 15 read replicas within minutes as required.
  • Vertical scaling: You can change the vCPUs and memory of instances to process uncertain workload growth.
  • Storage scaling: The storage automatically grows as the amount of data in your database increases. An instance supports up to 128 TB of storage.


GaussDB(for MySQL) supports cross-AZ and remote disaster recovery for financial-grade reliability.

There are three data copies to ensure data security.


GaussDB(for MySQL) is fully compatible with MySQL, so there is no need to reconstruct applications.

Middleware-free architecture

When the service performance is normal, Distributed Database Middleware (DDM) is not required.