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Updated on 2024-04-25 GMT+08:00

How Do I Obtain a Token with Security Administrator Permissions?

A token is an access credential issued to an IAM user to bear its identity and permissions. When calling the APIs of IAM or other cloud services, you can use this API to obtain a user token for authentication.

Permissions of a token are determined by permissions of the user who obtains the token. Only users who have been assigned the Security Administrator role can obtain a token with Security Administrator permissions.


  • Account administrator: Create an IAM user, assign the Security Administrator role to the user, and then call the API used to obtain a user token. The obtained token has the Security Administrator permissions.
  • IAM user: Request the administrator to assign you the Security Administrator role, and then obtain a token.

Security Administrator Permissions

Table 1 Security administrator permissions

Permission Name



Security Administrator


Administrator permissions for IAM, including but not limited to the following permissions:

  • Creating, modifying, and deleting IAM users
  • Creating, modifying, and deleting user groups, and granting them permissions
  • Creating, modifying, and deleting custom policies
  • Creating and modifying projects
  • Creating, modifying, and deleting agencies
  • Creating, modifying, and deleting identity providers
  • Configuring account security settings

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