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Is a Pay-per-Use ECS Billed After Being Stopped?

Updated at: May 06, 2020 GMT+08:00

After such an ECS is stopped, basic resources including vCPUs, memory, and images are not billed, but system disks are billed based on the capacity you use. If other products, such as EVS disks, EIP, and bandwidth are bound to the ECS, these products are billed separately (yearly/monthly or pay-per-use).

If a pay-per-use ECS is stopped and then restarted, the startup may fail due to insufficient resources. In such an event, wait several minutes before attempting another restart or change the ECS flavor.

If the ECS that you use contains local disks (for example, of disk-intensive, H2, P1, or P2 type) or FPGAs (for example, of FP1 or FP1c type), the fees are still billed after the ECS is stopped. To stop billing such an ECS, delete it.

For details, see How Can I Stop Billing for a Pay-per-Use ECS?

If you want to use an ECS for a long time, you can change its billing mode from pay-per-use to yearly/monthly to reduce cost. For details, see Changing Pay-per-Use to Yearly/Monthly.

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