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What Should Be Prepared for Logging In to an ECS?

Updated at: Apr 02, 2020 GMT+08:00


  • Obtain the login password.

    ECSs created using a public image have had one-click password reset plug-ins installed by default. If your password was forgotten or has expired, use the password reset function to obtain a new password for logging in to the ECS.

    Figure 1 Reset Password
  • Ensure that the ECS has an EIP bound (only required for MSTSC logins).

    For details, see Assigning an EIP and Binding It to an ECS.

  • Make sure that the remote desktop protocol has been enabled on the ECS (only required for MSTSC logins).

    If MSTSC-based remote desktop connection is used, log in to the ECS using VNC and enable the remote desktop protocol.

    For details, see Login Using MSTSC.

More information:

  • If your ECS was created using an external image file and the ECS has not had password reset plug-ins installed, reset the ECS login password by attaching a disk to the ECS. For details, see Resetting the Password for Logging In to a Windows ECS Without Password Reset Plug-ins Installed.
  • If your ECS is authenticated using a key pair, parse the private key file to a password before logging in to the ECS.
    1. Locate the target ECS.
    2. In the Operation column, click More and select Get Password.
    3. Copy the content of the private key file and paste it into the text box. Click Get Password to obtain a random password.
    Figure 2 Get Password


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