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How Can I Transfer Data Between a Local Host and a Windows ECS?

Updated at: May 06, 2020 GMT+08:00

Method 1: Install a Data Transfer Tool

Install a data transfer tool, such as QQ.exe on both the local host and the Windows ECS to transmit data.

Method 2: Configure Local Disk Mapping

Use MSTSC to transfer data. This method does not support resumable transmission. Therefore, you are not suggested to use this method to transfer large files. If a large file is to be transferred, use FTP.

  1. Log in to the local host.
  2. Press Win+R to open the Run text box.
  3. Enter mstsc to start the remote desktop connection.
    Figure 1 Remote Desktop Connection
  4. In the Remote Desktop Connection window, click in the lower left corner.
  5. Click the Local Resources tab and then More in the Local devices and resources pane.
    Figure 2 Local Resources
  6. Select Drives and Other supported Plug and Play (PnP) devices and click OK to map all disks on the local host to the Windows ECS.
    If only certain disks on the local host need to be mapped to the Windows ECS, expand Drives and select the desired ones.
    Figure 3 Local devices and resources
  7. Open the Remote Desktop Connection window again and enter the EIP bound to the Windows ECS in the Computer text box.
    Figure 4 Connecting a remote desktop to the Windows ECS
  8. Click Connect.

    Log in to the Windows ECS.

  9. Check the disks of the Windows ECS. If the disk information of the local host is displayed, data can be transmitted between your local host and the Windows ECS.
    Figure 5 Viewing disks

Method 3: Set Up an FTP Site

Set up an FTP site and transfer files to the ECS.

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