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How Do I Change an ECS SID?

Updated at: Jan 16, 2020 GMT+08:00

Microsoft identifies computers and users by security identifier (SID). The ECSs created using an image have the same SID. If such ECSs are required to join in a Windows domain, they must use different SIDs.

This section describes how to use SIDCHG to change an ECS SID.

To change SIDs in a batch, use a private image and follow the operations provided in "Running Sysprep". For details, see Image Management Service User Guide.

Changing an ECS SID may lead to data loss or system damage. Therefore, back up data before changing the SID.


  1. Click SIDCHG to download it.

    For the server edition, download the 64-bit version.

    Figure 1 Downloading SIDCHG
  2. Run the following command to change the ECS SID:

    sidchg64-2.0n.exe /R

    In the preceding command, /R indicates that the ECS automatically restarts after its SID is changed, and /S indicates that the ECS does not automatically restart.

  3. Enter the trial key or license as prompted and press Enter.

    Click here to obtain the latest trail key and learn how to use SIDCHG.

  4. When the system displays a message asking you whether to continue, press y.
    Figure 2 Risk prompt
  5. Log in to the ECS again.
    Figure 3 Re-login
  6. After the ECS is restarted, run the cmd command to open the CLI and run whoami /user to verify that the SID has been changed.

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